Look at the URL for this page. It is:


If you delete the "ch2p1.html" part, then push the "enter" key on your keyboard, you will go up one level to this URL:

You try:
  1. Click the URL of this page in the "Location" window. It will change from white to blue.
  2. Click again. It should be white now.
  3. Erase the "ch2p1.html" in the URL.
  4. Hit "enter".
  5. Be sure to come back here afterwards!
After you've finished doing that, try this:
2. You try: Next, looking at the URL of this page, can you "delete up" to my homepage? Try it. Come back here afterwards.
After you've finished doing that, read this:
You have just practiced "deleting up" in homepages. It does not always work well, but if it does work, it is a useful way to move around Internet sites without using links.
3. After you've finished 1 and 2, go to the next page.