--- Saving Images

While looking at Internet pages, if you see a picture ("image") you like, you can save a copy of it easily. Today, we'll learn how to do this.

The image on the left is a picture of an American coin. It's worth 10 cents. It's called a "dime".

You try

For practice, we're going to save a copy of that dime.
Read these instructions. Then do what they say.

  1. Right click on the dime.
  2. A menu will appear. Choose "Save image..."
  3. Then, you choose where you want to save the dime. If you have a floppy disk, you should save the dime onto your floppy disk. If you don't have a disk, then save it onto your desktop.
  4. Click "save".
That's all! Congratulations, you've just saved money! (Sorry, terrible joke. )
After you've finished, you should go to the next page for the activity.