Three principles of on-line course design
Bill Pellowe
Saturday, June 10, 2000

CALL2000 Conference on Computers and Language Learning

"Code Handout"

This handout is separate from the "Three principles" one.

1. Three "quick and dirty" quiz formats for you to check your students' understanding
Each of these three are single-question quizzes. For more elaborate formats, see the next section.
1.1 Simple frames-based quiz page, see pp. 2 and 3 of this handout
1.2 Standard JavaScript pull-down menu, see page 4 of this handout
1.3 Scrollable JavaScript pull-down menu with more than one option visible at a time, see page 5 of this handout.
2. Make a JavaScript quiz with software-generated pages
2.1 The Hot Potatoes suite allows you to easily generate cloze exercises, multiple-choice, crossword puzzles and more. Features include a running percentage count, "hint" buttons which supply partial or full answers, "check" buttons which check students' answers, and (for multiple choice), the ability to give feedback on wrong answers. Download from
2.2 Some examples using this software's code (but note that the format of these pages have been changed from what you'd normally get from the software):
2.2.1 Crossword:
2.2.2 Cloze (fill in blanks):
2.2.3 Multiple-choice:
3. Nifty code to add for functionality
(see page 6 of this handout)
3.1 Add a subject line to your e-mail links
3.2 Check that the JavaScript is working before students start a page which depends on JavaScript
3.3 Students see a message instead of a URL when touching a link