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2 saved spelunkers brought to surface
(a SPELUNKER is a person who explores caves)
The Japan Times, Sunday, July 14, 1996, p. 5

Two of four surviving cave explorers 1.______ since the beginning of last week in one of Europe's deepest caves 2.______ to the surface Friday.

3.______ and 4.______ , spelunkers William Stead of Britain and Karoly Tompa of Hungary 5.______ out of the cave's entrance by rescue workers.

They 6.______ aboard a helicopter and 7.______ to the French Alps city of Grenoble for medical treatment.

The remaining two survivors, Zsolt Nemeth, 27, and Nilolos Nyerges, 29, both Hungarians, were still some 900 meters deep and would resurface sometime Saturday or Sunday, rescue officials said.