Using Concordances from Small Corpora: Video Transcripts and Newspapers
Bill Pellowe, May 8, 1999
Kitakyushu JALT chapter presentation

Concordancing software does more than provide word lists and frequencies. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to CONC, a freeware concordancing program for Macintosh. Practical applications of this software will concentrate on its ability to provide comprehensive, interactive "indexes" of all the words in any particular text. Specifically, for teachers using videos, the presenter will argue that this function is of great use in selecting and preparing lesson materials. Further applications will be demonstrated using newspaper files to illustrate how concordancing software can help teachers with courses focusing on writing, grammar/lexis, and English for Specific Purposes.
Equipment permitting, each participant will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to use CONC, and to use it on various texts provided by the speaker. Because the user agreement of CONC allows it to be distributed freely, each participant can take a copy of the software home.
Note: This presentation will be held at Seinan Jogakuin