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  •    Hello!! My name is Emi Kawazoe - see the kanji!

  •  I'm a student of Aso Foreign Language Travel College in kyushu, Japan.
    I am studying "internet" and "English". I often chat on the net. Please visit the chat page below!! (My chat's name is "be". Let's talk with me!!)

     I live in Fukuoka. I am living alone now.
    My hobby is listening to music and watching the movies!!
    My favorite singer group is " Mr. Big". Their song is very good.
    I especially like " to be with you ".Please see -Mr. Big
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       This is my picture which   
    was taken in our high school graduation ceremony. This is my friend who is on the left in this picture.  
      my friend Nao and me 
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            I want to make many friends in the world. Send me e-mail!     My links
                                                I like Open 24 Chat
                                                Halloween shockwave games
                                                Disney Story Books