Emi 's  Page
My name is Emi Nunokawa.  I am a student of Aso Foreign & Travel College.  I'm studying English here. 
This picture took by myself in this summer when I returned my home.  My cat, Pooh, he is a little bit of fat ! 
And I love such like him.  He is good at sleeping and eating.  However, he never exercise.  So I have to let him do !! 


me and my cat, Pooh

Of cause, I like AEROSMITH, Michael & Janet Jackson, but these days, especially, 
I like Leonard Di Caprio !!   
The first time I saw him was about
5 years ago. In those days, he wasn't very 
famouse person.  But I was charmed at a
glance. And I thought he would be a good 
actor because he was young and he had a  
talent.  Now, he had to be that. 
I feel happy and lonely, so I have mixed feelings about it .
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