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I'm Junko Yumi. I'm learning English in Aso Foreign Language Travel College in Kyusyu Japan.
I am 19 years old.  I live in Saga with my family. I have a family of four.  My sister is a junior high school student. We look like each other. But characters are different.  We have a dog.  Her name is Marin.  She is 6 years old.  She is well-behaved.
Saga is next to Fukuoka.  I go to school by train.  It takes about an hour. The train is always crowd.
I 've been learning English for six years.  But I can't speak English well.
I like cooking and listening to music.  I'm good at cooking chocolate cakes.
I like all kinds of music.  My favorite musician is T.M.Revolution.  He is a Japanese musician.
I got my drivers license about three months ago.  I like driving the car.  But I don't have my own car.  Because I use my mother's car.  I want to buy my own car someday.

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