Akane Shouiriki

My name is AKANE SHOUIRIKI. My last name is "Shouiriki". My last name is "Shouiriki". The first character, "shou" means "correct". The second character,"iri" means "enter". The third character, "ki" means "tree". This name is so rare that people often call me by other names by mistake. For example, "Masairiki", "Shounyuugi" etc... But, this name is easy to remember, because this name is very rare.

My first name is "Akane". My kanji character has a meaning of "a rosy sky." My father chose my name. I like my name. Because, the kanji charactar"ko" is usually used in Japanese names for girls. "ko"means "child". But, my first name is one kanji and doesn't use "ko". Thanks to my parents.