Aki Fujiwara

My name is Aki Fujiwara. My family name is Fujiwara. My kanji character "Fuji" has a meaning of a kind of plant "wisteria". "Wara" has a meaning of "a field". So, my family name means "field of wisterias". My family name is the same name as a historical figure, Yoritomo Fujiwara, who was a top of samurai.

The word "Aki" means autunm. My parents choose my name because they like autumn in the four seasons. But my kanji is not the same kanji as the word "aki" meaning "autumn". My parents didn't choose "autum" because the number of character strokes in "autumn" doesn't match my family name.

[Bill's note: See "About this project" for an account of how character strokes are taken into account when choosing a first name.]