Books about Kanji

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Kanji Pict-O-Graphix

Kondansha's Compact Kanji Guide


Kanji & Kana: get it from

Easy Kanji : A Basic Guide to Writing Japanese Characters
by Fujihiko Kaneda, Masaya Katayama (Illustrator), Rika Sagano (Illustrator).

A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters
by Kenneth G. Henshall

Kanji Pict-O-Graphix,
1,000 + Japanese Kanji and Kana Mnemonics -- these pictures help you remember the meanings of the characters! (216 pages)

Kodansha's Compact Kanji Guide : A New Character Dictionary for Students and Professionals

Guide to Writing Kanji and Kana, Book 1 : A Self-Study Workbook for Learning Japanese Characters
by Wolfgang Hadamitzky, Mark Spahn.

Learner's Kanji Dictionary
by Mark Spahn, Wolfgang Hadamitzky

Kanji & Kana : A Handbook of the Japanese Writing System
(Tuttle Language Library) by Wolfgang Hadamitzky, Mark Spahn (Contributor).

Essential Kanji : 2,000 Basic Japanese Characters Systematically Arranged for Learning and Reference
by Patrick Geoffrey O'Neill.