Hitomi Ogawa

My name is Hitomi Ogawa.
My family name is "Ogawa". This means small river. The first kanji character is "O".This is usually pronounced "chiisai". This means "little", "small" or "first grade (in elementary school)".
And "gawa" is usually pronounced "kawa" or "sen". This means "river".
I learned these two kanji characters at school when I was seven year old. It is easy for Japanese to read my Kanji

Most Japanese people have kanji for their first name, but I don't. But I have Hiragana Name. This is also Japanese. Some Japanese have Hiragana Names.
My first name "Hitomi" means eyes.
Indivually, the first Hiragana character "HI" means "fire" or "day". The second, "TO" means "door". The last, "MI" means "fruits".

If I have a child in the future, I want to give my baby some rare kanji for the name because my name is easy.