Itoe Inoue

My name is Itoe Inoue. My family name is INOUE. The first character, INO, means a well, and the second character, UE, means up or up on. So my family might have lived on a well or near a well long time ago.

My first name is ITOE. The first character, ITO, which is usually pronounced "ai", means love. (Say it like "ee toe".) The second character, E, means give or blessing. (Say it like the letter "A".) My parents named me ITOE because they wished me to be blessed with love. And also I think I am to love people, too.

When I was a little kid, I hated my name because it's a rare name and it sounded stupid to me. I remember that I wished I had had "mi" (means beauty) in my name like the other girls. Now I got used to my name sounding strange, and I've come to like it. I would love to give a part of my name to my child in the future.