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picture of my friend and meI'm Youko Yamada. I'm wearing a yellow shirt in this picture. This is a picture when I took a  trip with my friends. (5 people). I had a very good time there and we promised we'd try to take a trip together again.

I'm a student at Aso Foreign Language Travel College in Kyushu, Japan. I go to school by subway and on foot. The subway is crowded with people. I live in Fukuoka with my family. I've been learning English since I was a junior high school student. But I can't speak English so much. My school has a sister school both England and America. If I can, I want study English for two months. I hope I can speak English very well!!!

Also, I like shopping and watching the movies.
My favorite movie is "LEON". This was a good movie. I was moved and I cried.

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