Yesbutters don't just kill ideas.

They kill companies, even entire industries.

The yesbutters have all the answers.

 Yesbut we're different. Yesbut we can't afford it.

 Yesbut our business doesn't need it.

 Yesbut we couldn't sell it to our workforce.

 Yesbut we can't explain it to our shareholders.

 Yesbut let's wait and see.

All the answers. All the wrong answers.

Whynotters move Companies

 The next time you're in a meeting, look around

 and identify the yesbutters, the notnowers and

 the whynotters. God bless the whynotters.

 They dare to dream. And to act. By acting,

 they achieve what others see as unachievable.

Why not, indeed?

Before the yesbutters yesbut you right out of business.



This text was displayed in the office of a German company in Tokyo.
The Quality Manager had brought it from a trip to the USA.
It inspired me to try new things.
Not copyrighted. This seems to be public domain. 

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