Janos Cegledy

Original Compositions by Janos Cegledy published by Zen On and also downloadable on the internet at:



Four Easy Pieces for Children (very easy)   (Zen On)

Three Circus Pieces (easy)

1) The Juggler                 

2) Bear Dance

3) Clowns

Six Two-Part Inventions on Hungarian Folk Songs (moderately easy) (Zen On)

Laughing Song (moderately easy) (Zen On)

Melancholy Dance (moderately easy) (Zen On)


Yiddish Folk Song (moderately easy)

The Land of the Soul (moderately easy)

Hommage to Zoltan Kodaly1 & 2 (moderately easy)

Two Forest Scenes

Toccatina          (Zen On)

Latin Rondo  (Zen On)


Abschied           (Zen On)

Orpheus Sunrise  (Zen On)


Three Evocations I, II, III  (Zen On)


Six Jewish Songs for children or womens' choir and piano  (Zen On)

1) Song of the Partisans

2) Bim-Bom

3) Song of the Pioneers

4) Should I be a Tailor?

5) Jewish folk song

6) Hava Nagila

Psalm No.133 for male voices unaccompanied


Four Jewish Songs for high or low voice

1) Rozhinkes mit Mandeln

2) Conflagration

3) Der Fischer       

4) Tumbalalaika


Evocation for violin and piano

Six Duets on Hungarian folk songs for violin and piano


Vibrations for viola and piano


Psalm for solo double-bass

Nostalgia for double-bass and piano

Four pieces for double-bass and piano based on Jewish Songs

1) Rozhinkes mit Mandeln

2) Conflagration

3) Der Fischer       

4) Tumbalalaika


Evocation for flute and piano

Mixed Pentation

Landscape for flute and piano

Orpheus Sunrise          ---          Flute/oboe, clarinet and piano

Variations on a Theme by Bartok for clarinet solo

Landscape for clarinet and piano


BEETHOVEN-Cegledy:           Adagio for violin and piano (or flute, oboe or clarinet)

Bach, Johann Sebastian      Die Kunst der Fuge BWV1080/ 1 and 4 (piano duet) (Zen On)

FUKUI-Cegledy:               The Mountain Pass for piano duet  (Zen On)

Grieg, Edward                  The Wounded Heart Op.34 No. 1

Grieg, Edward                  Last Spring Op.34 No. 2


BEETHOVEN                     Complete 32 Piano Sonatas and Sonatinas based on the Liszt Edition of 1857 with detailed commentaries.


Bach, Johann Sebastian          Die Kunst der Fuge BWV1080/ 1 and 4

Brahms, Johannes                    Liebeslieder Walzer A Major Op.52a No. 6       

Brahms, Johannes                    Liebeslieder Walzer D Major Op.52a No.10

Brahms, Johannes                    Liebeslieder Walzer E Major Op.52a No. 9       

Brahms, Johannes                    Liebeslieder Walzer Eb Major Op.52a No.11

Busoni, Ferruccio                      Finnish Folk Songs Op.27

Debussy                                     Six Epigraphes antiques

Donizetti, Gaetano                    Sonata C Major    

Dvorak, Antonin                         Legende D Major Op.59 No. 9

Grieg, Edward                           The Wounded Heart Op.34 No. 1

Grieg, Edward                            Last Spring Op.34 No. 2

Liszt, Franz                                 To the spirit of Petofi

Liszt, Franz                                 Rhapsodie No.16  

Liszt, Franz                                 Schlummerlied (Berceuse)  

Liszt, Franz                                 Weihnachtslied     

Moszkowski, Moritz                   Polonaise Op.55 No. 3

Moszkowski, Moritz                   Spanish Dance Op.21 No. 3

Saint-Saens - Debussy              Caprice     

Schubert                                      Variations Bb Major D968a

STRAUSS Johann, Josef, Eduard    All the most famous waltzes, polkas etc in two volumes.