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I am presently using a digital camera for most of these shots, but before you run off and buy one, read this.

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  Kamakura one of the oldest settlemnt areas of Japan, and once a seat of power. Now its only a tourist destination. It really is a nice seaside place too.

I live in Nezu which is in Bunkyo-ku, Miyanaga-choukai is the community center here, recently they held their Mochi-tsuki where they prepared mochi in the traditional way

  Not knowing what to do one morning, we decided to head off to Asakusa we didn't even know that there was a good reason to go on that day.
Well New Years day here in Japan is something different, first there is the food, then there is the wander about the temples  
  Temples and Shrines are wonderful features of Tokyo, they provide a rich background to life in Tokyo. Today, I went for a look around at the temples while Junko was off at the ishuki for her family member.

Its easy to get fed up with Tokyo, so we hopped onto the shinkansen, and took a ride to Niigata also known as YUKI GUNI it's really a beautiful place.


FJ.LIFE.IN-JAPAN 2002 gathering

Kyoto - old capital of Japan, and in many ways the traditional cultural center of Japan.


Spring in Tokyo, there is a pretty side to this city after all ... Sakura!  
  Some interesting examples of Engrish found in Japan

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