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Home of The (unofficial) Hiratsuka, Japan, Lawrence, KS USA Sister City pages, selected tidbits, and other interests of an American living abroad.

Hiratsuka - Lawrence connection

The (unofficial) Sister City Journal of Hiratsuka, Japan - Lawrence, Kansas

Armchair travel via internet to Hiratsuka, Japan with pictures, history, festivals, calendar, and commentary; or, how a native Lawrencian arrived in his sister city and created a non-paying job. There's quite a bit here, it was my motivation for learning HTML in 1995.

Hiratsuka's Tanabata Festival

Drawing ~1.5 million visitors each year, this 5-day event is the second-largest Tanabata festival in Japan. Part innocent romance, part calculation, and part of the darker side of Hiratsuka as well.

Lawrence Sister-City information

Hiratsuka-Lawrence Sister-city specific, mainly of interest to those with a Lawrence connection (GO JAYHAWKS!), or other sister-city travellers.

Friends of Lawrence - Friends of Hiratsuka (FOL-FOH) mailing list

Thoreau writes in Walden,

"We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate."

In hopes of proving that wrong, we created a mailing list for residents to exchange information.

Personal, Interests, etc.

Our Computer Systems

Are 5 computers enough for 3 people? Starting in 1985 with an original IBM 8086, to the current PPro150 128MB RAM running OS/2 on a home LAN connected to Linux and Win95 boxes, the saga continues.


Kevin teaches English at local community centers (Kominkan), Connie teaches English at Kanagawa University, Mika teaches and learns in the local playgrounds.

The Mika Zone

Pictures and news concerning our daughter Mika, for family and friends back home in the U.S. Updated:May 3rd, 1999.


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