Hep Stars: "It's Been A Long Long Time"

They were called the Swedish Beatles, they included Benny Andersson and occasionally Bjorn Ulvaeus, the songwriting half of Abba, and they were big BeachHep Stars' CD JACKETBoys fans! This album, released in 1968, has a soft rock sound, and features songs also recorded by The Association, Sagittarius, Millenium, Ballroom ..... These artists, while generally unsuccessful at the time of their original release, are now regarded as having been highly innovative. Congratulations to Hep Stars for noticing these artists then, and for creating this wonderful album!

Hep Stars: "It's Been A Long Long Time" (MMCD 1022) (3,500 yen) Track List

          1. Enter The Young (Terry Kirkman)
          2. Hope (Buddy Buie - John Adkins)
          3. 5 A.M. (Sandy Salisbury)
          4. It's Time For A Change (Music: Jeffrey Marmelzat; Lyrics: Spencer Proffer)
          5. Changing Away From You (John Bettis)
          6. It's Been A Long Long Time (Music: Lasse Berghagen; Lyrics: Benny Andersson)
          7. Musty Dusty (Curt Boettcher)
          8. Spinning, Spinning, Spinning (Music: Curt Boettcher; Lyrics: Ruthann Friedman)
          9. There Is Love (Jim Valley)
          10. Would You Like To Go (Curt Boettcher - Gary Alexander)
          11. It's Now A Winter's Day (Tommy Roe)
          12. Another Time (Curt Boettcher) Bonus Tracks:
          13. Det Finns En Stad (Music & Lyrics: Lasse Berghagen)
          14. Sagan Om Lilla Sofi (Benny Andersson - Lasse Berghagen)
          15. Let It Be Me (Gilbert Becaud; English Lyrics: Sonny Curtis)
          16. Groovy Summertime (Keith Colley - Dick Ross - Tom Bahler)
          17. Holiday For Clowns (Sonny Curtis - Glen Hardin)
          18. A Flower In My Garden (Benny Andersson - Bjorn Ulvaeus)
          19. Save Your Heart For Me (Gary Geld - Peter Udell)
          20. I Sagans Land (Hans Blum; Swedish Lyrics: Ben Hur)
          21. Bilden Av Dej (Paul Ferris; Swedish Lyrics: Ben Hur - Burt Clinton - Magnus Lind)
          22. Suddenly Tomorrow Is Today (Benny Andersson - Lasse Berghagen)
          23. Warten Auf Den Tag (Hans Blum)
          24. Songs We Sang (Benny Andersson - Lasse Berghagen)

The Performers

          • Vocals: Svenne Hedlund
          • Vocals (Tracks 15 - 24): Charlotte Walker
          • Keyboards: Benny Andersson
          • Guitar & Vocals: Janne Frisk
          • Guitar (Track 18): Bjorn Ulvaeus
          • Bass Guitar: Lennart Hegland
          • Drums: Christer Pettersson

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