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Gary Usher was a very talented individual, as his legacy shows. Unfortunately, the vast majority of his prodigious output has remained out of print since its original issue, but fortunately, there are signs that this will not be true for much longer. In 1995 alone, a considerable amount of his work was released, some of it for the first time ever!

For example, New York's Sundazed label released The Revells: "The GO Sound Of The Slots!", Sony Music released The Spiral Starecase: "The Very Best Of The Spiral Starecase", California's Varese Sarabande label issued The Surfaris: "Surfaris Stomp", Germany's ATM label issued The Hondells: Vol 1 - 1964...... among numerous other releases. In 1996, Capitol (One Way Records) released The Super Stocks featuring Gary Usher: "The Complete Recordings", and in Los Angeles, AVI released Gary Usher Greats Volume One, featuring the entire Knights LP in stereo!

1997 was promising too for Usher fans, as the long-awaited official biography of Gary Usher by Stephen J. McParland, was due to be published in Japan. Unfortunately, it wasn't, but this book promises to be truly amazing, based upon lengthy interviews with most of the key people in the California scene, including of course, Gary himself. There is an extensive discography, and for those who cannot wait until publication, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to Stephen's excellent magazine, California Music, which features many articles of interest to Usherphiles. It is available from the following address:

California Music,
P.O. Box 106,
North Strathfield,
New South Wales,
NSW 2137,

The cost is a very reasonable US$20 for one issue (including a CD - highly recommended!), or US$10 for one issue without a CD. (These prices include airmail postage). The latest issue is #83, available in summer 1996 with a CD too, (including a cover of "Honda Bike" by Los Angeles songwriting genius, Elliot Kendall), so place your order now!

Also due out in 1997 was M & M's very own CD, "Best Of Gary Usher - Volume 2", for which we managed to obtain the services of the knowledgeable aforementioned Mr. Kendall for the liner notes. Full of rarities, it promised to be a good soundtrack to the Summer Of 1997..... however it never went beyond the ptromo stage.

As any Usher fan worth his salt would know, one of the main contributors to the 'Usher Sound' was vocalist Chuck Girard, who sang on many of The Hondells hits, including "Little Honda", and countless other songs by countless other groups! In addition to being a wonderful vocalist, Chuck is also a very nice person! So why not visit Chuck Girard Ministries to discover what he's doing now, and get information about his recent releases.

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