2000.04.12 (Friday) Morgan-Wixson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

  1. Maybe I'm Amazed

This event was a tribute to Paul McCartney.

1999.09.03 (Friday) Moondog Cafe, Melrose Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

  1. Pray for L.A.
  2. Strawberries
  3. Secret Agent Man
  4. You Baby
  5. Eve of Destruction

These 5 songs were made available over the internet as streaming Real Video, lasting 25m 30s. The set was followed by a performance by country singer, Katy Moffatt.

Review by: Tony Fitton / Dawn Eden, April 28, 1999

1999.04.26 (Monday) Manitoba's, New York

A rather impromptu concert was at Manitoba's in New York on Monday (April 26). This was a free concert at a rather small bar, that was absolutely packed. Sloan was backed by an East Village electric band called Beat Rodeo, that were very, very familiar with Sloan's vintage music. Sloan's opening remarks included words to the effect that: "I'll say to you what Chuck Berry says at his concerts.....we're going to do some oldies, some oldies, and some oldies".... and he did. P.F. Sloan had the presence of being as young and exciting as his Fantastic Baggys days, and sounded like he had resurrected his voice from those days, too. P.F. performed only one new song, and included two Elvis songs mid-set, "My Baby Left Me" and "Money, Honey". Sloan's renditions of the Dunhill material was loyalty itself, this was the 60's concert he never performed.

1999.04.24 (Saturday) Coney Island High, New York

P. F. Sloan played acoustic guitar and harmonica, accompanied by one person playing electric guitar.

  1. ?
  2. Sins of a Family
  3. Lollipop Train
  4. Halloween Mary
  5. You Baby
  6. Keeper of the Flame
  7. Secret Agent Man
  8. Where Were You When I Needed You
  9. From a Distance
  10. On a Quiet Night
  11. Only When You're Lonely
  12. This Precious Time
  13. Take Me For What I'm Worth
  14. Let Me Be
  15. Summer Means Fun
  16. What Exactly's the Matter With Me
  17. Eve of Destruction
  18. Woman and Gold

1999.04.23 (Friday) Maxwell's, New Jersey

1999.04.17 (Saturday) Moondog Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

Review by: Bernard Webber, Los Angeles, October 24 / 25, 1998

1998.10.24 (Saturday) Moondog CafŽ, Los Angeles, CA

He looked younger than I'd expected, although he's almost certainly in the wrong end of his fifties by now, but that should not detract from an astonishing performance by P. F. Sloan at the Moondog CafŽ tonight, as he accompanied himself first on the piano and then on an acoustic guitar. His voice was strong, and so was his piano playing, which was passionate and expressive; I could see the influence it must have had on Jimmy Webb's playing, which I have heard in a similar vein at the Cinegrill more than once.

The show opened like no other. A poet (!) stood at the microphone, reciting florid prose-poetry, while P. F. played in the background. The entry of the vocal was perfectly timed, in mood and tempo. The poet (Stephen Kalinich) turned out to be Sloan's collaborator, who had co-written many of the lyrics we were to hear during the next hour and a half. I can only guess at some of the titles of the songs, but the opening number "Poisson Chinois" was the type of song that any other performer would choose to close his show, such was the strength of the combination of poetry and singing. Next, a surprise - the Beatles song "And Your Bird Can Sing", before P. F. left the piano to complete the show on a chair with a guitar. The delicate atmosphere of the acoustic set was partly spoiled by members of the audience, who used the reduced volume as an excuse to start chatting to each other.

The songs followed, each as thoughtful and tuneful as the last: "Whatever God Wants", "Soul of a Woman", "Woman and Gold" (during which he knocked over his bottle of water on the stage, and then invented new lyrics in the song to cover it!), "Across the Night", an ever-evolving song called "Embrace the Darkness", and then the two songs everyone had been waiting for; "Secret Agent Man" ("yes, I wrote this song, thank you very much", he said in his best cheesy Las Vegas voice) and "Eve of Destruction". And we could have predicted that this was now a song of the nineties: no longer a growling protest song, it was a laid back gentle ballad that had most of the small audience joining in with the refrain. Then came "Halloween Mary", "You Baby", with percussion provided by his right foot thumping on the hollow stage: "I'll Remember You", and then, "to end the evening on an up-note", a new song he'd just written in India called "Keeper Of The Flame (Miracles & Madness)", which, like so many of the songs we'd just heard, appeared to be an affirmation of some new-found spiritual strength and renewed faith in the future of mankind. Loud applause from the Moondog audience was followed by some informal singing: he took requests yelled out, "The Moon Is Stoned", with some of the most beautiful guitar playing of the night, and "Spiritual Eyes". Once again, I'm forced to guess at most of these titles, but I'm sure that faithful P. F. Sloan fans will know what I mean.

Later, I asked him if he had any messages for his Jimmy Webb fans, and this man of words thought and thought, before simply saying: "Just say I love them all", and the sad note covering this whole magical evening was that this performance was only witnessed by 32 people. Outside on Melrose Avenue the first rain of the autumn was falling.

Review by: Thomas Earl Jones

1998.08.22 (Saturday) Moondog CafŽ, Los Angeles, CA

When P.F. Sloan took the stage Saturday night, I wasn't sure if he was going to present a one man review of the past or someone creatively inspired towards renewal. For the next hour and a half what I witnessed was a complete craftsman reclaiming his place, finding his ground, and once again leading the way.

With new material in tow, the evening began with Sloan strumming the opening chords to "Whatever God Wants" an inspired spiritual voyage with a melody hauntingly reminiscent of some of his classic work. With poetry rolling off his tongue, amidst the rhythm of his thoughts, he rebounds and re-awakens a question many have wondered, 'where has P.F. Sloan's head been at all these years?' A warm of applause follows as he sits down and releases a masterpiece of conversational singing, "Across The Night".

From the outset, he is a very quiet and soft-spoken, content in letting his music do the talking. As he launches into the next trilogy of songs, the audience was delivered to a wide range of human emotions. "Keeper Of The Flame (Miracles & Madness)", an inspired proclamation is quite Stillsesque in its approach. Ditto for "Embrace The Darkness", co-written by friend and poet Steve Kalinich, and "Spiritual Eyes", a gorgeous mid-tempo acoustic waltz. Throughout the evening, Sloan proves that he is a master of dynamics, stripping things down only to crescendo at points you least expect, and all the while keeping it very intriguing and enjoyable. This is songWRITING. Point of reference being "Beethoven's Delight" a testimonial ballad that bursts into a middle section that is quite Victorian, with staccato and classical overtones.

To the faithful followers and friends who made up the majority of the audience, the warm sound and comfortable living room atmosphere of The Moondog Cafe blended perfectly with the moment. In attendance was one Marilyn Wilson, former den mother to the California surfing empire of the 1960's, to which Mr. Sloan tips his hat in recognition, as he dedicates an edited version of "Summer Means Fun" for a "friend" in the audience.

As the set list turns a corner, I am pleasantly suprised by a couple of cover tunes he has chosen to resurrect. A very authentic interpretation of Dylan's "Ballad Of A Thin Man" as well as a version of "Baby's In Black" that he dedicates to J. W. Lennon. Choosing his own chordal road-map, he makes these songs his own.

Dipping into his back catalogue of hits, he resurrects a very simple and beautiful version of "You Baby" sans the pop arrangements that catapulted songs like this on to the American charts. For myself, this was followed by the gem of the evening, "Woman In Gold", a song that proves, even to a fool, that Sloan still has his commercial songwriting skills intact. This, my friends, is a single waiting to be cut.

Relaxed and genuinely looking like he was having a good time, he proclaims, "I'm gonna play some old P.F. Sloan songs." He serves up "Secret Agent Man" with an open-prairie, Latino approach, overlaid with harmonica, signature riff and all. After that, with titles such as "Halloween Mary", "Here's Where You Belong" (the crowd really wanted this one), and the first song he ever wrote, "Sins Of A Family", I heard a group of songs that was staggering in its versatility.

With wit and humor prevailing, he introduces "Eve Of Destruction" by saying, "They play it whenever something goes wrong in the world, thank you very much!" This folk-rock masterpiece, written by Sloan at the tender age of eighteen, is still a powerful statement. Likewise in "Let Me Be", which he jokingly refers to as, "Just another song of angst.", he delivers the lines with a renewed pulse while taking you to another place melodically, much like vintage Dylan. Toward the end he revises a very beautiful love song he had re-written in India three months ago, "I'll Remember You", perhaps the most poignant song of the evening.

At the conclusion of his performance, he humbly recognized and was moved by the response and appreciation shown by the audience. What I find fascinating is that he is every bit as valid today as he was during his legendary explosive years. It wasn't just another Saturday night in Los Angeles. P.F. Sloan was back, and very much in attendance, and that made all the difference.
  1. Whatever God Wants
  2. Across The Night
  3. Keeper Of The Flame (Miracles & Madness)
  4. Embrace The Darkness
  5. Spiritual Eyes
  6. Summer Means Fun
  7. Beethoven's Delight
  8. Mr. Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man)
  9. Baby's In Black
  10. You Baby
  11. Woman And Gold
  12. Secret Agent Man
  13. Halloween Mary
  14. Here's Where You Belong
  15. Sins Of A Family
  16. Eve Of Destruction
  17. Let Me Be
  18. I'll Remember You

1998.06.13 (Saturday) Roxy Club, L.A., CA (Nilsson Tribute Concert - "Harryfest")

Following the death of Harry Nilsson, this concert was arranged, performed by people who had either been his associates, or who respected his work. P. F. Sloan (in the latter category) performed two songs:
  1. I Guess the Lord Must Live In New York City
  2. Jump Into the Fire

The backing musicians included:
Jason Falkner (ex-Jellyfish),
Rik Menck (Velvet Crush)
Parthenon Huxley.

1998.03.18 (Wednesday) Waterloo Brewing Company, Austin, Texas (South By Southwest Festival)

A 40-minute set was performed, featuring "Secret Agent Man".

1996.09.13 El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

At this benefit for the "Sweet Relief" charity, The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" and "Friends" albums were performed in order, with each artist performing one song. P. F. Sloan performed "Sloop John B.". Although a CD of the event was planned, it has failed to materialise, which is a shame, as this was an excellent version.

1993.02.11 (Start:21:00) The Crocodile Cafe, 2200 Second Avenue, Seattle

This was the world premiere of the material featured on the "Serenade of the Seven Sisters" CD. It featured members of The Young Fresh Fellows, Lovemongers, Lara Lavi, The Washington Squares, and The Posies.

1991.06.30 Brandeis Bardin Institute, Calabasas, CA

Played with Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach.

1991.01.15 Federal Building, downtown LA, CA

An anti-Gulf War rally. "Eve of Destruction" was performed.

1990.12.01 Santa Monica, CA

This Heal The Bay Concert was held in a warehouse. Other performers included Brian Wilson, Kim Carnes and Randy Newman.

1990.11.28 Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles, CA

5th Annual Salute to the American Songwriter. He was a guest performer, and performed the following songs:
  1. Eve Of Destruction: Part 2 - The Environment
  2. Medley:

Where Were You When I Needed You
You Baby
Let Me Be
Secret Agent Man
Eve of Destruction

He received a standing ovation.

1990.10.31 At My Place, Santa Monica, CA

This was an NAS Halloween Concert.

1990.04.22 Santa Barbara, CA

This was an Earth Day Concert. Other performers included Jackson Browne, Loggins & Messina.

1989.06.17 Santa Monica, CA

This was the Alliance For Survival Peace Dance.

1986.07.19-20 Glen Helen National Park, San Bernadino, CA

This event was called "Summerfest". Other performers included The Association, Mamas & Papas, Buffalo Springfield (Revisited), Sky Saxon (The Seeds) and Brian McLean (Love)

1986.03 Raji's, Los Angeles, CA

1985 / 1986 Be Bop Records and Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1985 / 1986 Lhasa Club, Los Angeles, CA

1985 / 1986
Anti Club, Los Angeles, CA

1985.06.08 (Saturday) (Two shows) Bottom Line, New York City, NY
  1. Secret Agent Man
  2. A Must To Avoid
  3. Where Were You When I Neede You
  4. Take Me For What I'm Worth
  5. You Baby
  6. Let Me Be
  7. I Can't Help But Wonder, Elizabeth
  8. The Sins Of A Family
  9. Mrs. Loeffler (& Mr. Marquardt)
  10. Rolling Home
  11. Love Go Easy On Me
  12. Eve Of Destruction
  13. I Found A Girl
  14. From A Distance
  15. Manhattan Moon
  16. Upon A Painted Ocean
  17. Halloween Mary
  18. This Precious Time
  19. Summer Means Fun

This was the final performance at The Bottom Line.

1985.06.07 (Friday) (Two shows) Bottom Line, New York City, NY
  1. Secret Agent Man
  2. A Must To Avoid
  3. Where Were You When I Neede You
  4. Take Me For What I'm Worth
  5. You Baby
  6. Let Me Be
  7. I Can't Help But Wonder, Elizabeth
  8. The Sins Of A Family
  9. Kick That Little Foot, Sally Ann (an improvised, abbreviated version!)
  10. Mrs. Loeffler (& Mr. Marquardt)
  11. Rolling Home
  12. Love Go Easy On Me
  13. Eve Of Destruction
  14. Things I Should Have Said
  15. What Am I Doing Here With You?

For these concerts, the band members were Brian Gari, Dennis Diken, Don Ciccone, Ray Van Straten. Jimmy Webb attended.

1968 (afternoon) Queens College

In front of a small audience of "acoustic guitar buffs".

1968 The Scene, NY

Billed as P.F. Sloane.

1967.06.11 (Sunday) (Rescheduled from 1967.06.03 (Saturday) due to weather) - Mt. Tamalpais Amphitheater, Marin County, CA

"Fantasy Fayre and Magic Music Festival - Benefit for Hunter's Point Child Care Center"


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