True Short Stories from India (A search for the purpose of Life)

By PF Sloan

Story 8: Caveman

In Northern Oregon, near Grant’s Pass, on a large plot of land called Enchanted Acres lives a Doctor Wilma Bronkey and her husband. Dr. Bronkey worked with handicapped children for 30 years and developed a system as to how to get thru to them with the love they need for healing.
Every July 4th, for the past ten years, they invited people to come bring tents and sleep out on the land and watch enchanted things happen. They invited a few speakers every year and I received a letter asking if I would be one of them.

I was feeling like a curmudgeon, low on money and energy when I got her request. I simply wrote it off in my mind, and planned to sit down and write her a "regrettably not" letter.
You know when you’re supposed to be somewhere, you’re going to be there whether you know it or not. I didn’t know it.

The first chain of events started with my receiving a CD of songs from The Flintstones TV show. I had been in a surf band in my early youth. A song I had written was recorded by James Darren and used for the TV shows. It was on this CD. Included was a small check from the record company. On the cover of the CD were Fred and Wilma, Barney and Pebbles. Cavemen and women.
Okay. I thought that was a fun surprise, but I had no way of knowing how it was attached to Wilma’s July 4th shindig. Though, Wilma should have been my first clue.

Without warning, an ex-girlfriend and I got together and decided to fly to San Francisco for the weekend. She wanted to show me where she used to live etc. etc.
We walked along the Castro district and found an old record shop. We walked in and I immediately went to work combing thru the stacks of old LPs looking for a rare Gene Vincent or Beatles release from Germany or England, when she came across an LP that had one of my recordings on it. It was called "Golden Nuggets Vol. 5" and contained my song and vocal of The Grass Roots' hit, ‘Where Were You When I Needed You’. I bought it and took it home, and one evening I began to read the liner notes. They said every song on this LP was a national hit but one, and for some reason everyone who was involved in the project felt it should be included on the LP. It was a local hit in Boston by a group called Edison Lighthouse, I believe. It was a song about July 4th and the girl he loved was named Wilma and what a good time they used to have! Clues 2 and 3.

C’mon, is it just me, or does it seem incredible to you? Or are you a callused spiritual seeker yourself and all these phenomenon seem to you like ho hum!
Okay, sometimes a building has to fall on me to get it. Is that the message, you get?

I drive up to Oregon, Grant’s Pass, and just a few blocks from Wilma’s place is this huge statue of a …… Caveman!