P. F. Sloan

All The Best Records This label has re-released "(Still On The) Eve Of Destruction". It is also home to the P. F. Sloan fan club.
Kopp Pop Page Rob Kopp from the Netherlands published a booklet in 1999, entitled "Take Him For What He's Worth".


PF Sloan (Yahoo Groups) Mike Griffiths has created a newsgroup "dedicated to the music of P. F. Sloan. Collectors can discuss all aspects of Philip's exploits and trade rarities."

Fantastic Baggys

Fantastic Baggys The Fantastic Baggys, from a South African perspective.

P. F. Sloan - Related Artists

The Association A small site.
Shelley Fabares "The unofficial Shelley Fabares Homepage".
5th Dimension A tribute to the Original 5th Dimension.
Jill Gibson Jill Gibson's official website, Gibson Artworks.
The Grass Roots
The Grass Roots (Creed Bratton) Lead guitarist of the Grass Roots
The Grass Roots An unofficial page.
The Grass Roots (Collins' Website) The Grass Roots, even after P. F. Sloan's direct involvement ceased, continued to cover his compositions. This page contains links to guitar tabs of some Grass Roots' songs.
The Grass Roots This simple page contains details for booking the Grass Roots.
The Grass Roots A short history of the band.
Herman's Hermits Amongst their recorded output are the singles "A Must To Avoid" and "Hold On".
Jan & Dean The official site.
Jan & Dean An "Information Center".
The Kingsmen The Kingsmen covered "That's Cool, That's Trash".
Gary Lewis & The Playboys A brief page created by his agency.
The Mamas & The Papas P. F. Sloan played guitar on their first album.
The Mamas & The Papas Creeque Alley - An Analysis.
Cass Elliot The Official Cass Elliot Web Site.
Denny Doherty Dream A Little Dream, the nearly true story of The Mamas & The Papas.
Ann-Margret An official site, with some nice photographs!
Barry McGuire The official Barry McGuire website. Download an updated version of "Eve Of Destruction" by Talbot / McGuire.
The Rip Chords A site mainly concerned with The Rip Chords today (with one original member).
The Turtles The Official Turtles Page. The Turtles covered several P. F. Sloan songs, including "Is It Any Wonder" and "You Baby".
The Turtles This website is somewhat basic.
The Vogues The Vogues covered "Autumn" and "You Baby". However, they've undergone some major personnel changes since those days.
Brian Wilson The official Brian Wilson site. P. F. Sloan was almost a Beach Boy, to replace Brian Wilson on tour, a place that was eventually filled by Glen Campbell.

Musicians - 1960s

Hal Blaine The legendary drummer's site.
Bones Howe Producer of 5th Dimension, amongst numerous others.
Joe Osborn Bass player.

Musicians - 1980s

Brian Gari Played piano / guitar at P. F. Sloan's concerts in New York in 1985.

Musicians - 2000s

Al Jardine The official site of the former Beach Boy.

Dunhill Records

The Dunhill Records Story A brief history of the label.
Lou Adler Founder of Dunhill Records.
Steve Barri Currently Director of A&R for Gold Circle Entertainment.

Record Labels

One Way Records The label that released the first P. F. Sloan CD, "Anthology".
Sundazed Records Sundazed Music Inc.'s website, where "Anywhere the Girls Are! The Best of the Fantastic Baggys" can be purchased.
Varese Sarabande They released "Child Of Our Times: The Trousdale Demo Sessions".

Music Publishing

ASCAP ASCAP has an excellent, easy-to-use search engine, leading to a large amount of information.
BMI This contains an extensive database of many of his compositions.


Adasa Jerry Cargman (Fantastic Baggys cover model) currently works at a Hawaiian clothing enterprise, Adasa, (with singer Donna Loren). A line of beachwear bearing the brand name "Fantastic Baggys" has been rumored to be on the cards.... Check this site to see if you can buy your own pair of Fantastic Baggys...


Sri Sathya Sai Baba This website was developed by the Sathya Sai Organization in the U.S.A.. A tape released by them in 1994 featured an interesting reworking of Karma (A Study Of Divinations). (See discography).

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