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Be and the BeOS

Have you heard about the Media OS? Here are a few good places where you can learn more:

Here are some Be-related sites in Japanese.

The BeBox

Be, Inc. is now devoted exclusively to software (the BeOS), but they used to make hardware, too—the one-of-a-kind BeBox, with its twin PowerPC CPUs, GeekPort, and cool blinky lights.

Be, Inc. announced in January 1997 that it was discontinuing production of the BeBox in order to devote all its efforts to the BeOS. In April 1997, after weeks of searching by phone, fax, and Internet on three continents, I managed to lay hands on the last 133MHz BeBox on the planet.

The BeOS on an IBM ThinkPad

My BeBox runs the BeOS, of course, and now that BeOS R4 is out, I've also managed to install the BeOS on an IBM ThinkPad 380XD.

This ThinkPad 380XD is a Japanese model (IBM model No. 2635-8AJ), but the Japanese keyboard map that comes with BeOS R4 works just fine with it. Sound is also not a problem -- so far I've tested MIDI, .WAV, and AIFF files, audio CDs, and the sound and music with the game Doom. I've successfully used an external modem on the serial port. Next on the list is to try out USB and PCMCIA.

Here are the machine's basic specs:

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