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Time's Knowing Mind( T.K.M.)

T.K.M. originally started in 1993 for the recording session of the CD
Subconscious Unity. T.K.M. is a three piece synthesizer unit,based in Osaka,Japan.
Kenji- programming, vocal
Masa- programming, vocal,percussion
Taka - programming, vocal
T.K.M. is a permanent group but each member has their own group. These groups have releases byIronBeatManifesto T.K.M. thinks "independent musicians" are the most important words for them. Each member can lead T.K.M. This means that an open consciousness and a flexible structure is T.K.M's way.Listening to Subconscious Unity one can here each member's individual influence. From 4-D, Kenji brings a rhythmic complexity, while Taka adds his pop sensibilities and Controlled Voltage's Masa blends in a strong melodic sense. T.K.M.hopes to expose their unique mixture of sounds to an international audience. We the IronBeatManifesto attended NewMusicSeminar in NY '94 Kenji and Masa were in the booth #96

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