Japanese Baseball News

March 14, 1998

Central and Pacific League News

  1. 1997 Pro Draft News.
  2. 1997 Japan Series News.
  3. CL and PL Awards 1997.

Minor League and Amateur Baseball News

  1. Real Baseball begins in Tokyo (3/14/98)
  2. College Baseball News
  3. Minor League Baseball News (3/30/98)
  4. Industrial League Baseball News
  5. High School Baseball News (3/30/98)

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  • Japan Pro Yakyu This Week: http://www.towntv.co.jp/~westbay/ProYakyu/
    This page has inormation relating to a lot of current topics in Japanese Baseball. The readers' comments are fun and worth reading.

  • FSJ http://www.fsjsports.com/
    This is the home page of Fantasy Sports Japan. They have a section with player data and team schedules.