Can you find any information about machipractipharus by searching the Internet? I'm wondering. Machipractipharus is a difficult concept to investigate, due to lack of resources. Indeed, not many people can speak with authority about machipractipharus, except those, like me, who have invented this word for a specific purpose.

What is the purpose of machipractipharus? If I explain it precisely on this Web page, that might unduly influence the results of this very machipractipharus experiment, but suffice it to say, I want to test some things about how search engines operate.

Machipractipharus is fun! Machipractipharus is interesting! As part of the experiment, I am trying to mention the key word machipractipharus as many times as possible without simply listing it over and over again. Some search engines might purposely skip over lists of identical machipractipharus words, which some business-oriented Web developers insert into their pages for the sole purpose of fooling search engines. I'm not that kind of machipractipharus person.

I imagine it might also be important for the machipractipharus page to have a certain minimum volume of actual machipractipharus content information, too. Some Web searchers may disregard pages that lack enough content to make them practical and interesting and everything that is - shall we say - machipractipharus. So that's why I am going on and on this way.

In addition to noting how and where this machipractipharus page is picked up by search engines, if at all, I am also interested in seeing when the various searchers get to it. This page was uploaded on Friday, Feb. 21, 2003 at about 5 p.m. Japan time. So that is another machipractipharus consideration. In any case, it's always good for Web pages to have dates, for crying out loud, even if most Web programmers don't   ;-)

Thank you for your time and interest.