Peter's Movie Lessons

Below are two movie lessons I made around 1993 when I was teaching at a school. Recently, Peter has been studying these same lessons at home.

There are five short scenes from each movie and two exercises that you can do either in writing or conversation.

* You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer to view the lessons (or else the free OpenOffice or some other software that reads MS Word files). The film scripts are (C) copyright to their respective owners.

  1. Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
  2. Back to the Future - Part 1

By the way, the Star Wars scenes show how Yoda taught Luke to be a Jedi. I think these Jedi lessons are useful to English students, too, because in order to be a good English speaker, you have to be patient and concentrate with a serious mind. You have to "feel the English force flowing through you." You have to believe.

In English conversation, you have to just jump in and not worry about making mistakes. As Yoda says, "Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try."

Yes, Yoda is another "wizard" for our English for Wizards collection.