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Workman Creek in Arizona

Arizona Adventures

I was sent on a 1 1/2 year business trip to Arizona by my previous company. On week days I spend long hours in the office, but in the week-ends I was out exploring the state. Read here about some of my adventures.
Senninburo in Wakayama Prefecture

Free and other Hot Springs of Japan

I have been to a lot of hot springs in Japan. Most of them were free, a lot of them were open-air, and some of them were mixed. Following are descriptions of just about all the hot springs I have been to so far.
Mt Fuji seen from Mt Kinpu

Hiking and Backpacking in Japan

After having gone to a lot of hot springs on my Harley, I started getting interested in the more inaccessible hot springs in the mountains, the ones that could not be reached by bike, and the ones where there were not too many people. It didn't take long before I started hiking just for the fun of hiking. Whether I could get in a hot spring or not mattered less.
Following are photos with descriptions from my hiking trips
Daikomyosai 1995

Ninjutsu. The Martial Art of the Ninja

I moved to Japan in April 1990 to practice ninjutsu. I joined Ishizuka-sensei's dojo and have been practicing there ever since, never regreting leaving my country. When I left Denmark, my friends and family probably thought I had gone crazy moving to the other side of the world to practice something they had never even heard of. With the following pages I am trying to show first of all my friends and family what I am doing, but everyone is welcome to have a look.