History Index

Documents related to the history of Far East Lodge No. 1 and Freemasonry in Japan,
including Historical Research by Japanese Masons

A Brief History of Freemasonry in Japan
The Pre-Modern Era
The First Freemason to Visit Japan
The End of Isolation
The First Lodge in Japan
The Formation of Local Lodges
Japanese Masons before the War
The Outbreak of War
After the War
A History of Masonry in Japan
The First Lodge in Japan
Masonry in Yokohama
The Great Earthquake
The Masonic Temple
The War Years
After the War
Far East Lodge No. 124
District Grand Lodge of Japan
Grand Lodge of Japan
Kiyoshi Miyagawa
Other Historical Papers
Freemasonry and Modern Japanese History
Tadasu Hayashi
The Great Kanto Earthquake
Masonry vs the Japanese Government: The Gentleman's Agreement
The First American Oriented Masonic Lodge of Japan
The Kirby Legacy
The First Japanese Freemason
Anti-Masonry in Japan
Far East Lodge No. 124
Lodge Petition
Lodge Dispensation
Lodge No. 124 Charter
Lodge No. 124 Banner
First Raising
Far East Lodge No. 1
Far East Lodge No. 1 History
Charter Members
Yokohama Masonic Temples
Maps and photographs of the Temples used by Yokohama Masons from 1890 to the present.
Past Grand Masters
Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Japan
Historical Research
Robert Burns and Adam Smith

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