Meister - THE prep school for the CAT GMAT!

A full 20% of Meister's students score above 700!

90% score above 600!

Average Score Improvement for MEISTER students: an astounding 107 Points!
Compare this with the results of other schools!

Why do Meister's students score so high? For a few simple reasons:

1. Experience and competence. In order to teach people how to do well on the GMAT, an instructor must first be able to do well on the test. Besides having over the past 10 years successfully taught more than 1,000 people how to increase their scores, Meister's Milton Miyazaki is one of the very few persons in the world who scored a 780 in the GMAT. If you're aiming for a 700+, can you afford to be taught by someone who might have scored lower than your target score?

2. One teacher. Milton teaches everything: Verbal, Math, AWA and Integrated Reasoning. He knows therefore both the strong and the weak points of each of his students in every section of the GMAT, and can therefore give the best advice to each one of them.

3. Small classes. Classes at Meister are very small, with only 8 students in each class, each student with his/her own computer. Milton can afford to dedicate a lot of time to each of his students.

4. Categories. GMAT questions are designed to measure specific abilities, and each question type follows a set pattern quite predictable to the trained eye. Better yet, questions following the same pattern can be solved by the same process. Each and every question in the database (more than 2,000 questions!) is classified into categories, and in the Meister course you learn to recognize these patterns or categories and use the same solution process for each category. After each diagnostic test, the computer compiles your results so that you can check your improvement in each category.

5. Computer Workshops. In the computer workshops, you will learn to apply the techniques that you learn in the lectures. You will go over the categories that are more likely to lead to your score improvement, that is, the ones in which you're weak and that contain a lot of questions. Your study time is pinpointed at what is most important to you, not to your average classmate. At Meister, you don't waste your time in a big class listening to explanations you don't need.

6. Specialization. Different tests are required for different reasons, and are obviously aimed at measuring different abilities. Unlike the TOEFL, which is designed to measure proficiency in English, the GMAT is designed to measure reasoning ability. You don't get into a top business school because of an outstanding TOEFL score. For various reasons, people won't tell you so, but you DO get into the top business schools on the strength of an outstanding GMAT score, even if your TOEFL is just average. Obviously, business schools do not want people who are simply proficient in English. They want people who are outstanding thinkers. Meister is a GMAT specialist. At Meister, you will not be taught how to take the GMAT by a TOEFL teacher.

7. Systematic approach. At Meister, we believe that ad hoc pragmatic rules should be built upon rock-solid basic knowledge. Milton does not simply teach you shortcuts or how to eliminate wrong choices. In the lectures, you will learn about the basic skills measured in each question type. In Critical reasoning lectures, for example, Milton shows you all the underlying faulty reasoning types upon which CR questions are built -- each type requiring always the same assumption. In Sentence Correction lectures, Milton teaches not only the shortcuts, but also the time-honored grammar and style rules that guide you to the right answer.

8. Practice, practice. Learning problem-solving techniques is not enough. You have to learn to apply those techniques to real questions under actual test-taking conditions. During the Meister seminar, you will take full-length GMAT CAT's, just like the real thing, and go over more than 1,500 questions, covering virtually every possible type of question that might appear in the real test.

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