The Land

Cambodia is probably even poorer than Laos.




Many of the roads are not even paved, and livestock sometimes interferes with traffic.




Interurban transportation.



Family Life

It is said that the population of Cambodia was reduced from 6,000,000 to 4,000,000

during the Khmer Rouge reign of terror. Thirty years later it has bounced back to

13,000,000. Population is a major growth industry in Cambodia.



What's for Dinner

I was afraid to ask.




At ten cents per ride, this is Cambodia's answer to Disneyland.



The War

Live and defused ordnance litters the landscape.



Clearing Landmines

Aki Ra is a former conscripted Khmer Rouge child soldier, who has made a life of clearing

landmines in Cambodia. He has adopted several children who are landmine victims, and

has set up the Landmine Museum in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Information on his

organization can be viewed at



Your Health

Massage is big business in the country.



Sex Education

Although I cannot read Cambodian, I think you get the message of this billboard, which was

conspicuously placed in a village near Angkor Wat. It has been reported that Cambodia

has the highest rate of AIDS infection in Asia.