The Trip

Angkor Wat is more spectacular than you would ever imagine.



The Temples

The temples were built over several hundred years, beginning more than a thousand

years ago. There are hundreds of sites spread out in the jungle over an area the

size of a small city.




There must be miles of bas-relieves on the walls.



The Jungle

The jungle has tried to reclaim the land. In some cases the trees are so intertwined

in the temples that they cannot be cut away.



Disneyland East

At times the place takes on the feeling of Disneyland.



Visit to an Orphanage

There are dozens of orphanages in Cambodia. We visited this one, the Sunrise Children's

Village in Siem Reap

The manager, Ms. Leng Bonna, standing in the middle, has responsibility for

the 66 children who live here.



Foster Parents

The older girls take care of the little ones. It is like one very big family.



Dance Recital

Every Sunday the children put on a recital of Cambodian dance and music.



Rat Dance

The boys are doing the rat dance.



The Audience

Mieko was adopted by one of the little ones who was running around during the performance.