Chiang Mai, Thailand

The King


The King's picture is ubiquitous. He is eighty years old now, and everyone

is wondering if the Crown Prince will be able to command his popularity.



Thai Dance


Chiang Mai is the ancient capital of northern Thailand. Every hotel there has a show of Thai dance for the tourists.





Monks are everywhere.



Eco Tourism


A monkey checks out his primate cousin.



Santa Claus


It has always fascinated me that Southeast Asians like Santa Claus so much. Although there are a number of Christians and many Buddhists in this region, most of the people are basically animists. So for them, one more spirit is just all the more fun.




Converted to American currency, this dentist will clean your teeth for $15, do a filling for the same price and place a crown for $150 or more. Tooth whitening costs the same as a crown.



The Night Market


The night market is Chiang Mai is a big draw for tourists and locals alike.



Carved Soap


What a pity to wash with this.



Little Thai


Chiang Mai is noted for beautiful women. This little one is keeping up the tradition.



Vintage Car


Prosperity has made Thailand look a lot like Japan. But this vintage French car is still on display in a temple in Chiang Mai.





This sign was posted in a Buddhist temple.





Each Southeast Asian country has its own puppet tradition.





For a few dollars you can dress up like royalty and have your picture taken.