Kengtung Hill Tribes

The View from the Hills


It was a three hour hike to get up to this hill tribe village.





Not having much excitement in their lives, the children were quite curious to see outsiders.



Show Your Toothbrush


I gave each kid a toothbrush.





The little girls take care of their younger siblings. The young boys do nothing.





This young girl is probably wearing almost everything she owns.



New Year's Celebrations


These villagers are having games in front of the Baptist church.



Family Portrait


This man asked me to take a picture of his family and send it to him when I got back home. He didn't have a camera.





This family was attending a New Year's party.





Black teeth are considered beautiful among many of the hill tribes.





The kids always seemed happy, despite their poverty.



Child Labor


These girls said that the wood they were carrying was not heavy.





You wonder what kind of future she has to look forward to.