Festival of the Ages



On October 22 every year Kyoto puts on the Festival of the Ages celebrating the city's one thousand year history as the imperial capital of Japan. The parade through the city has a cast of hundreds. It is a photographers delight. These pictures were taken in the staging area before the event.



Waiting for the Parade to Begin


These princesses await the start of the procession.



The Samurai


This warrior graciously posed for a photograph.



Multitasking Medieval Mom

This busy mother arrived at the staging area with a prince and princess in tow.





A medieval princess arrived by modern transportation.



The Feudal Lord


A feudal lord is led to the procession in full regalia.



Star Wars Princess


This princess seems to have arrived from outer space.





The makeup must take hours.



All Dressed Up


The kimono on this little boy must cost a fortune.



The Animals


The handlers were delighted to talk about their animals.



The Cast


Many of the participants are students from universities in Kyoto.



The Princess


Each person in the procession is dressed from a distinct period in Kyoto's history.



Enigmatic Japan


The parade goes for two and a half hours through Kyoto's main streets. There are plenty of opportunities for interesting photographs of Kyoto's then and now.



The Ox Cart


No Kyoto festival is complete without an ox cart.