The Land

Laos is a land locked, Buddhist country that like Cambodia has somehow missed out

on the twentieth century. This picture was taken in the capital Vientiane.



Street Scene

Advertising and grooming products are both making inroads into the economy.



Dental Office

This dentist displays his plaque in three languages. I am glad that I did not have

a toothache while I was there.



The War Museum

I have tried very unsuccessfully to understand the recent history of Laos. The only

thing that I know for sure is that the country seems to have spent the entire

twentieth country fighting.



Hero of the Revolution

The caption under this picture in the War Museum in Vientiane explained that

26-year old militia man Thit Chanto of the Phang District, Xieng Khouang Province,

using a rifle shot down a US imperialist F105 fighter bomber on November 5, 1965.




Buddhism is deeply ingrained in the society.




This Buddhist temple is in the ancient capital of Luang Prabang, which is a

World Heritage Site.



Rural Life

Most Laotians live in the countryside.



High Tech Village

Satellite dishes like this one are all over the country.



The Marketplace

Fresh meat is readily available.




Distilled spirits are available throughout the country. For a little extra money, you can

get a bottle that includes a snake or a scorpion.




Posters like this could be seen all over Laos and Cambodia.

The governments seem to be quite serious about dealing with

this very sad exploitation in a region that has more that its

share of sadness.