The People

These two sisters are returning from a trip to the market.



The Old and the New

The pattern on the skirt identifies her tribe, and the helmet her mode of transportation.



Neighborhood Boys

These boys in a village in Luang Prabang Province were happy to pose for a picture.




This little girl was tending her mother's shop, selling woven goods to tourists.




This family is off to the market



Photogenic Laos

This little girl in a Mong village is dressed up for the New Year's celebration.




These sisters are trying to sell caged birds to tourists.



Playing in the Temple

I found these kids playing in a temple compound  in a village in Luang Prabang Province.



A Big Smile for the Camera

I once heard that children laugh seven times more often than adults. I am sure that

this is true. My impression is that children in developing countries seem to laugh even

more than their counterparts in the more developed world.



My Pet

Little children can often be seen carrying around a pet puppy.



Photogenic Boy

Laos has more than its share of cute children.