The Trip

Temples are everywhere.



Wired Monks

I asked one of these monks at a temple in Vientiane if I could have his  address for sending

a copy of this picture. After writing it out, he surprised me by asking if I also wanted his

e-mail address.



Hmong Village

The Hmong tribe has long been on the fringes of Lao society. Recently there has been

more integration, and this village has moved in to the outskirts of Luang Prabang.



Little Shopkeeper

The Hmong have found a profitable business of selling souvenirs to tourists.



New Year's Celebrations

Attempting to keep traditions alive, these villagers are dressed up for year-end celebrations.



Giving Alms

There is a tradition of giving alms to the monks in Luang Prabang every morning. The

local citizens come out at 6:00 am and give rice and other food to the 200 or more

monks in the area. It is a major tourist attractions.



Religious Training

There is a strict protocol for giving. I am receiving instructions.



Little Monks

Many of the monks are children. Living a few years is a monastery is considered part

of a boy's education.



English School

It is very obvious to everyone in Indochina that ability at English is essential for anyone

who wants to be a part of the twenty-first century economy. These young adults are

attending night school to learn English. They were really happy when Mieko and I

came as guest teachers. They were eager to learn Japanese as well, because 

there are a lot of tourists from Japan.



Chance Encounter

This turkey, apparently looking for a mate, was preening when we walked through the

village. He rebuffed Mieko's advances, perhaps thinking correctly that she was more

interested in having him for Christmas dinner, than in romance.



T-Shirts for Tourists

At times you would think that selling t-shirts to tourists is the major industry in Laos.



Lao Airlines

Once known as the black dog of Asian airlines, Lao Airlines has modernized its fleet

and improved safety. We took this flight to Cambodia, as it is said that overland travel

in these countries is not safe because of bandits.