Buddhism is an integral part of  Southeast Asia



The Temple

These figures are six hundred years old.



Religious Training

Every boy will spend at least some time studying in a monastery. The young trainees are

called novices. The accommodations are Spartan.




The trainees receive two meals each day, at 4:00 am when the get up, and at 10:30 am. These

monks are going to their late morning meal at a monastery on the outskirts of Mandalay.




These novices are receiving alms at a religious festival, which goes on for three days.

This is near Inle Lake in Shan State, in northeastern Myanmar.




Every boy should go through a ceremony where he accepts Buddhist heritage.

It is a big event in their lives.




Very few girls study in monasteries.



Festival Participant

This little girl is in the traditional dress of Shan State.




There are hundreds of pilgrimages in Myanmar. Mount Popa near Bagan is a popular one.

It involves climbing 777 steps to a temple on the top of a large rock.



Receiving Alms

Monkeys along the stairway to heaven beg and steal.




These pilgrims thought it hilarious to see their pictures on the back of a digital camera.



High Tech Buddha

The main alter is often illuminated with multi-colored flashing lights.