I have heard is said that it is difficult to find a little girl that is not cute. These two

are cuter than most.



Smile for the Camera

The Burmese are not camera shy. This boy is holding the reins on a buffalo as his father

pours water from the well into a barrel on the back of the cart.



My Little Brother

This little girl is taking care of her younger brother during a festival.



Classic Scene

Tourists find this custom fascinating.




Cellular communication is making inroads into Burmese culture. This man got his phone,

but hasn't quite figured out how to use it.



Boys in the Hood

These kids in a village on the outskirts of Yangon posed for a picture.




These three siblings worked in their mother's souvenir shop in a temple in Mandalay. The

white on the girl's face is used as cosmetic and sunscreen. Only women and little

children put it on.




This man gave a big smile for the camera. I met him in the main temple in Yangon.



Mother and Daughter

These two are the second and third generations of the management of a Chinese restaurant

in Kyaing Tong, in the Golden Triangle. There are a large number of  ethnic Chinese in

Myanmar, most of whom have been there for generations. Kyaing Tong is near the

border with China. I read in a guidebook years ago that you would never be able

to get a decent meal in Burma if it were not for the Chinese. Although this is

not entirely true, this restaurant was certainly the best in town.




This woman in the marketplace in Bagan is enjoying a cigar, called a cheroot in Myanmar.




This man invited me into his house for a smoke. He is 77 years old, but not the oldest

in the village. He told me his sister-in-law is 90.



Smoking Etiquette

His wife shows the proper etiquette for smoking. The cigars that the women smoke are larger,

but milder, I am told. She carries a gourd shell to catch the ashes.



When in Rome...

I had to try one myself.