Inle Lake

Inle Lake is located in the hills of central Myanmar at a elevation of about a half a mile.

It is 13 miles long, 6 miles wide and outrageously beautiful.



Lake Living

The height of the poles supporting the houses show how high the water level rises

during the monsoons.




Each house comes with a boat and a pool (the lake).



More Toothbrushes

When word got around among the local kids that a tourist was giving something away, it

took about two minutes before we were surrounded by boats of kids with their hands out.



The Market

There is a market that rotates each day at five different locations around the lake. It is quite

colorful as the hill tribes come down to barter and buy from the people living on the lake.

Among other things, they bring in firewood from the hills.




They take home fish.




The spices make for a good picture.



The Pharmacy

The drugstore has herbal medicines for colds, aches and pains.



The Restaurant

The shoppers seemed to be enjoying their lunch.




This man, who is a friend of the guide, invited us in.




When the family asked if I would like to have lunch, I said that a bowl of noodles would be

fine. This is what they served. It was delicious. When I learned that the daughter was 21

years old and single, I asked her if she might be interested in meeting Michael. She said

that this might be a problem as he would not be able to talk with her parents. I told her

that she could teach him Burmese, just as Mieko had taught me Japanese. I haven't

asked Michael about this plan, yet.




The cousins posed for a picture.



Jumping Cats

There is a temple on the lake that has the unusual attraction of jumping cats. It is not clear

how this man managed to train these animals, but their performance was a big hit with

the tourists