The History



When the Ottoman Empire self destructed at the end of the First World War, it splintered into two dozen countries, leaving what is today's Turkey. The Turks are very proud of their heritage, and are much into flag waving.



The Crossroads


Over the past five thousand years, one civilization after another overran the region, including the Greeks, Romans, Mongols and Persians. They all left behind something. There are more Greek ruins in Turkey than there are in Greece. These Roman columns are in the Temple of Trajan in  the ancient kingdom of Pergamum.



The Necropolis


These elaborate tombs are in Hierapolis.



The Travertine Pools


The travertine pools are enclosed by gleaming-white calcium formations that have accumulated over the millennia.





These ruins are in the city dedicated to the goddess of love.



Ottoman Heritage


The city of Safranbolu is a World Heritage Site the has hundreds of restored Ottoman Era buildings. Many are functioning as hotels and guesthouses.



Ottoman Living


Many of the old houses have been painstakingly restored and are open to the public.



Caravan Stop


There are several caravan stops dating back to the days of the Silk Road. This one in Aksaray was built over seven hundred years ago. It had accommodations for both travelers and their camels.





The ancient city of Troy has been excavated to find a total of eight layers of cities, dating back 5000 years.



The Aegean


These ruins face onto the Aegean Sea. A Greek island can be seen across the water.