The Trip



Istanbul is the gateway to Asia.





After crossing the Bosporus, Turkey gets to looking a lot more like Asia.



The Food


You can eat very well without spending a lot in Turkey.





Every Turk seems to be a carpet dealer.





Breakfast at the cave hotel in Cappadocia came with a beautiful view of the city below.





Cappadocia is known for its spectacular natural rock formations. Dwellings and churches are

carved into the rocks.



Ants World


There are several underground cities carved into the rock in Cappadocia. One even went down

seven stories. Claustrophobic.



Fresh Fruit


The Turks eat well. This kilogram of fresh strawberries cost two dollars. They were as good

as they looked.





An afternoon hike near Cappadocia brought us into this little village.



Balloon Ride


We got up before dawn to take a ride on a hot air balloon over




Classic View


The ride was spectacular.