The People


Even with the one child policy in China, one billion people still produce a lot of kids. These students

in an elementary school in the capital of Kunming are doing their morning exercises.



The Marketplace

These women are in traditional Naxi dress. The Naxi are one of the larger minorities in China.

In Yunnan Province, which borders on Tibet and Myanmar, there are more "minorities"

than Chinese.




The people of Yunnan Province don't need much encouragement to dance. I found this group in the

main square in Lijiang.



Big Smile

This young lady was working in a restaurant in the old town of Lijiang.



Boys in the Hood

These four discussed tuning this instrument for more than one hour.



Helping Out in Mom's Shop

This little one was apparently working as a model in his mother's shop where she was selling

traditional tribal wear.



Dance Contest

These women seemed to be taking their role of carrying on tradition very seriously.



Show for Tourists

Traditional dress in Yunnan Province is more colorful than most.




Each shop in China seems to come with at least one small child. This one was a bit taken aback by

the camera. However, her mother was happy.



High Tech Tradition

Anyone having anything to do with the tourist trade, and that is a lot of people, gets dressed up like

their grandparents. This woman runs a shop where visiting Chinese can have their picture taken

in local dress. One picture cost about one dollar. She was doing a big business.