The Trip


I spent the first week in March, 2008, touring Yunnan Province in China. Yunnan borders on Tibet and

Myanmar and has more of China's minorities than most regions. I got back to Japan a few days

before the riots started. This is a show put on for tourists where the performers did modern

adaptations of Yunnan's dances in traditional dress. It might sound a bit silly, but it was

really quite entertaining. Cecile B. DeMille has got nothing on the Chinese.




The ancient city of Lijiang was once the capital of the Yunnan region. Like Texas, Yunnan has always

had doubts about its role as a part of the central government. The streets of the old town are lined

with hundreds of old and restored shops, some dating back hundreds of years. Most today are

souvenir shops or restaurants for tourists.



Tibetan Band

This band of Tibetan musicians played outside a temple near Lijiang.



The Hotel

This is the courtyard of the Moon Inn where I stayed in Lijiang.



Marco Polo

I paid a dollar and a half to dress up like Marco Polo and have my picture taken. Three Chinese tourists

who were doing the same ask if they could take their picture taken with me. I was flattered.



What Is This Man Doing?

This Tibetan souvenir shop owner in Lijiang is dressed up as an ancient aristocrat. He is getting a photo

of a dance contest in the local square.




Tiger Leaping Gorge

The Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the most spectacular natural sites of China. It is not an easy trip

getting there.



Another Tourist

For two dollars, you too can be a Chinese Davy Crockett.




Air cooled truck.



Local Dentist

I met this dentist who had set up an open-air  office in a marketplace near Dali. In front of him you can
 see the six volt motorcycle battery that powers his handpiece. On  the  table are several teeth that he
is proud to have extracted. He showed me two  acupuncture pressure points that can be used to
obtain  anesthesia without doing an injection. Let me know if you would like me to try out the
technique on  you. His happy customer is to the right of me.