Revised: Aug. 10, 199U


 Hashiadate in summer Ama-no-Hashidate at some night in summer
Ama-no-Hashidate, which is 3.6 km long and approximately 20-170 m wide, is replenished with blue pine-trees and white sand.
Kaiten-Bashi Kaitenbashi
Kaitenbashi (turning bridge) is turned by electricity when tall or big boats pass under the bridge. Until 1950, it was man-powered, turned by two operators.
Monju-no-Chie Monju-no-Chie
Monju-no Chie was a lantern used for maritime safety long ago. A person who passes his or her head through it three times is said to become wise.

Chionji Treasure Tower
The treasure tower of Temple Chionji was built in the year of 1500. The tower is designated by the Ministry of Education as an important cultural assest.

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