Day 6
October 2, 1997
Shooting: Weather Day

Today was scheduled as a weather day; a safety day set aside in case rain came. But this is LA. How often does the weather turn out to be anything less than perfect?

Hoping for some much needed freedom, I was, instead, dragged back to Mad George's studio. This was the day planed for the regular press people to see how the effects were put together. Mad George was still away on another project, but several guys from his crew ran through the molds, facemasks, and over-all make-up process. I got to play with a few zombie masks and took a few shots of myself made up in the leftovers.

What I found striking about Mad George's crew was their admiration and loyalty to George. With everyone there I spoke to I heard the same things repeatedly. That George is in no way secretive, that he will always find the time to explain the right ways of doing things, that he is always willing and eager to share his techniques. Also, many of the guys on the crew, like George, are musicians who have incorporated effects into their live stage show. His shop felt very much like a rock and roll rehearsal studio.

Somehow I was able to avoid going out with the gang for dinner and instead went out for dinner with my sister and her family. Just another good time to add to the trip so far.

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