1 Sheet red logo (White bottom area for credits)
1 Sheet green logo (Prerelease teaser poster)
1 Sheet red logo reprint (Black bottom area for credits)
1 Sheet R-rated (R-rated, released with Creepshow)
1 Sheet Thorn EMI / HBO Video poster

Half-Sheet (Amateurish drawing of Zombies with hands in air)
3 Sheet (Same as above mentioned Half-Sheet)
3 Sheet (Photo of zombie with machete in his head)
3 Sheet style B (Large group of zombies posed as though looking through a window)

Half-sheet (Bald headed zombie with small photo of main cast in corner)
1 Sheet (Weird, Peter Max-like art poster)
1 Sheet (B/W shot of zombies (nurse zombie in front) over German language of "When there's no more room...")

United Kingdom:
Quad (Drawing of zombie face surrounded by many smaller zombies marching over Manhattan)

2 Sheet (Drawing of cast members over B/W bald zombie)

Half-sheet (Same drawing as on French half-sheet, but Zombie is spelled Zombi)
1 Sheet (Bald zombie on horizon like American, but zombie is in B/W)
3 Sheet (Similar to French Half-Sheet featuring "amateurish" art of zombie group)

1 Sheet 1978 (Zombies bursting into elevator photo placed over a red 'blood splash' design; oddly, two styles exist: slightly laminated and flat)
1 Sheet 1995 (Chrome; almost same as cover of Gaga Perfect Collection LD)
1 Sheet 1995 (Elevator bursting scene)
1 Sheet 1995 (Re-issue of French w/Gaga credits on bottom)


1 Sheet 1979 (?) (Similar to American R-rated poster)

1 Sheet 1978


Lobby Sets

8 B&W 8x10

18 Color 9.5x11.5 shots (With white envelope and the word "Zombie" printed on)

12 Color 9x11.5 shots (With brown envelope and the word "Zombie" printed on)

United Kingdom:
8 Color 8x10 shots

8 Color 8x10 shots

11 'Photobuster' 18 x 28

12 Color 9x13


Laser Disc

HBO (clv/ 3rd side cav) 1988 (included a printed interview with Romero)
HBO (clv / 3rd side cav) re-release 1989 (included a printed interview with Romero)
Republic / Lumiere 1993 (clv; pulled off shelf day of release due to legalities)
Elite 1996 (clv; wide screen, long version)
Elite 1996 (cav; boxed collector’s edition)

Pioneer 1985 (Gas masked man on cover; large gate fold w/many photos. Also, an unprecedented 118 chapter stops!)
Gaga 'Perfect Collection' 1995 (CLV; Long version and Dario Argento version.16 page color pamphlet)

Astro 1995 (Full argento version, running 116 min; limited release of 1,000 copies)
Video Paradise 1998


Video Tapes


Thorn / EMI 1983 (Hard plastic cover)
HBO / Cannon Video 1987 (Soft cover release)
HBO/Weintraub 1989
Republic / Lumiere Home Video, 131 min. on box (Actually 126 min)
Video Treasures 1996
Anchor Bay1996 (Recalled copy due to non-letter boxed format; double tape set; long version)
Anchor Bay 1996 (Letter box; double tape set; long version)
Anchor Bay 1999 "Anniversary Edition" (SV10781)

Playtime 1989 (Strange art cover; two photos from Day of the Dead on back)

AFIAK 1985

Cor Koppies Video (year?)

? 1985 (Cover from French 1/2 sheet art poster)
Victor 1990 (Zombie elevator "burst" cover)
Gaga 1996 ("Director's cut"; chrome cover)
Gaga 1996 ("Argento cut"; reverse chrome cover)

United Kingdom:
Intervision 1983
Polygram 1992 (Art cover featuring a zombied Stephen)
Entertainment In Video 1995 (Same box as Polygram except black instead of gold)
BMG Video1997 (74321 443663) (Director's cut 140 min)

Marketing 1983 (102 minute cut down of Argento version; now banned in Germany)
VPS 1992 (109 minutes, longer than the Marketing release, yet now completely void of all violence)
GMT Video Productions (145 minutes, compilation cut of several Dawn of the Dead versions. Bootleg.)

Australia/New Zealand:
CBS Fox VHS 6594-50

IVS/New Line 1987
(Company Unknown)



Anchor Bay 1997 "U.S. Theatrical Cut" (DV10325)
Anchor Bay "Anniversary Edition" 1999

United Kingdom:
"Director's Cut" (Full frame version; includes Tom Savini commentary)


Document of the Dead

Off Hollywood Video/Studio Entertainment Distributing 1989 (Limited "gold" edition signed by Romero available during initial release of the film)
Tee Dee Gee Distributors 1996
Synapse Films: DVD & LD release 1998

United Kingdom:
PolyGram Video 1994

ABC 1996 (SHLY-51; laser disc & video)

New Zealand:
VDC (You'd think they could have gotten at least one shot from Dawn of the Dead onto the box)


Program Book

Gaga 1995 (Oversized, chrome covered pamphlet--the best!)




Dawn of the Dead
Day of the Dead


Sound Track

LP 1979 Varese Sarabande (VC 81106)
CD 1987 Varese Sarabande (Limited release--very rare!)
CD 1995 DRG Records (Goblin: Their Hits, Rare Tracks & Out takes Collection, 1975-1989 (Contains one cut only: L' alba dei Morti Viventi.)

LP 1979 Cinevox (Cover has B&W shot of bald zombie head)
LP 1979 Cinevox GOBLIN: GREATEST HITS (One cut only: Zombi)
      1979 (12 inch single of Zombi/L' alba dei Morti Viventi)
LP 1980 Cinevox (CIA 5035) (Re-release. Red cover with the bald zombie head situated in a film strip.)
CD 198? Cinevox (CD-F 0002) GOBLIN: GREATEST HITS (one cut only: Zombi)
CD 1987 Cinevox (CD-CIA 5035) (Shares billing with the film, Tenebre (Unsane); both soundtracks are incomplete)
CD 199? Cinevox GOBLIN: GREATEST HITS (Re-release. One cut only: Zombi)
CD 1998 Cinevox (CD MDF 308) Zombi, Dawn of the Dead, The Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

LP 1979 King Records (FML 113) (Elevator 'burst' cover)
EP 1979 King Records (Single of shortened Dawn of the Dead theme)
CD 1986 CBS/Sony (32DP 454) Horror World (Rare, unusual CD featuring long audio clips taken from various horror films one of which is, of course, Dawn of the Dead)
CD 1987(?) King Records (Lists the title as DOWN of the Dead)
CD 1992 SLC/Cinevox (SLCS-7151) AMO NON AMO: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU NOT (Goblin wrote only a few cuts for this romance film; last half is a short 'greatest of' collection. DOTD cut is Zombi
CD 1995 King Records (KICP 438) (Re-release; idiotically, still lists title as DOWN of the Dead)

LP 1979 Polydor (Bald zombie in B/W with bloody logo on top and film strip on bottom)

LP 1979 Polydor
LP 1984/1987 Polydor (Goblin best of with two cuts from DOTD soundtrack)



1st pressing; soft
2nd pressing; soft (1st & 2nd pressings' back cover. Right side is 2nd; left, 1st:  )
1st pressing; hard

1st pressing; soft
2nd pressing; soft

United Kingdom: (This edition saw release in England, Australia, and New Zealand)
1st pressing; soft

1st pressing; soft



T-shirt 1978 original Dawn of the Dead T-shirt by Lanny Powers, as advertised on back of poster book.
T-shirt Red logo reprint (Hollywood Book and Poster Co)
T-shirt Black with four bald zombie faces (Video Wasteland)
T-shirt Black with bald zombie and horizontal logo (Video Wasteland)
T-shirt from Anchor Bay Video
T-shirt misc
T-shirt misc

T-shirt 1994 Poster zombie
T-shirt 1996 Elevator bursting scene
T-shirt 1996 Gas masked trooper on front / film clip montage on back
'Crew' jacket 1994 (Gaga)
Baseball cap


Models & Toys

Monsters in Motion 1993: Bald Zombie by Bill Paquet
Creatures From the Bronx River Productions: Stephen as Zombie
Poster Zombie

Fewture Models: 3 figures: Poster Zombie, Blades, Machete zombie
Fewture Models: 4 figures: Peter, Roger, Fran, Stephen. Never released.

Reds inc: 4 figures, released summer 1999



Official Poster Book
Dawn of the Dead board game ( playing board: )
Video: Dario Argento's World Of Horror. (Contains a brief bit on the making of Dawn of the Dead) re-released by Synapse in 1998

Ticket stub 1978
Mini-poster 1978 (Several styles; here's one with Kentucky Fried Movie)
Press Release 1978 (Over-sized, 4-color pages)
Mini-poster 1994 (4 page fold out)
Ticket stub 1994
Zombie Newspaper 1994 (Gaga) (3 numbered issues, with a fourth, preliminary issue)
Postcard 1994 (Gaga)
Chrome sticker 1994 (Gaga)
Telephone card 1994 (Gaga)
Board Game: The lowdown on the Japanese version of the SPI game is that after SPI went belly up, the rights were sold for near nothing. So cheap, in fact, that the magazine Tactics included a version complete with game pieces in their October 1986 issue. Here is a detail scan of the playing board; the first page of the instructions; and a detail from the instructions.

United Kingdom:
Postcard of quad poster.

Ubi Soft (Atari ST, Amiga and Schneider CPC-Computer that, while not official, is a game based around the story of Dawn of the Dead; game came with a comic instruction booklet telling the story of the film. Game has English text that reads as follows: "The nightmare has just begun. For mysterious reasons, dead people came back to life to feed themselves on the flesh of human beings. The earth is inhabited by millions of Zombies, who are spreading terror, and by gangs of hooligans, who are ready to do anything to survive. Yet four people didn't lose hope and decided to run away for new horizons. When there is no room left in hell...dead people come back to earth.")

8mm version of the movie. (Information on this piece very limited.)


References to Dawn of the Dead

The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh: The Films of George A. Romero; Dodd, Mead and Co. 1987; by Paul R. Gagne
          - Hardcover with Romero autographed slipcase, limited to 350 copies
          - Paperback
Grande Illusions (Book one): Imagine Press 1983; by Tom Savini
BIZARRO: Harmony Press (Re-issue of Grande Illusions)

Dawn of the Dickies
: The Dickies, a R&R band of the 70s and 80s, released an album with a cover that featured band members fighting blue skinned zombies.
Diner of the Dead: Skit on TV show Fridays, LA's answer to Saturday Night Live. Aired in early 1980s.
Waxwork II
: Lost in Time: Movie has a nice skit with dimensional travelers dropped inside a take off on the siege of the Monroeville Mall.
Mourning Noise: NYC band with a song called Dawn of the Dead.
Creepshow: Okay, I know that this is another or Romero's films, but on one of the art poster there is a DOTD poster on the wall of the boy's bedroom. No doubt this is what led to his anti-social behavior.
Kerrang Magazine #185 featured Metalica bassist Cliff Burton wearing a Dawn of the Dead shirt. Nice cover, plus I think the shirt is an original Dawn of the Dead shirt to boot.  Here's another shot of Cliff in that great shirt. Photo taken around 1986.
Dylan Dog: Published by Dark Horse Comics, the comic heralds from Italy where we all know how ga-ga they are over Dawn of the Dead.

 : Dawn of the Dead image used in Penthouse Magazine.
Day of the Dead poster
? CD-The Grateful Dead - Dawn of the Dead (bootleg CD)
1984 LP-Evil Dead soundtrack (track called "Dawn of the Evil Dead")
1985 Weird Science (Gary talks about how scary Dawn of the Dead is)
1986 Scream Greats Vol. 1: Tom Savini
1988 Jan, 5 TV Guide - Night of the Living Dead page sized ad with Dawn of the Dead's blurb at top
1990 Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (screwdriver clip playing on TV; it was directed by J. Harrison)
1990 Night of the Living Dead laserdisc (machete zombie painted on jacket)
1991 CD-Cancer (machete zombie photo painted on cover)
1992 CD-House of Pain-"Jump Around"-("I'll make you wake up in the Dawn of the Dead")
1993 CD-White Zombie-Devil Music (sample-"it gets up and kills")


Magazine Articles

Starlog #21, Feb. 1979 (4 page article)
Questar #3, March 1979 (2 page article)
Questar #4 Aug. 1979 (very nice, 9 page article)
Questar #5 Nov. 1979 (3 page Michael Gornick interview)
Fangoria #1(3 page Tom Savini piece) #58, #81, #85, #119, #120, #127
Fangoria Poster Magazine #2
Starburst #48, Aug. 1982 (5 page article)
Deep Red #4, Sep. 1988 (Report on Document of the Dead)
Cinefantastique Vol.9 #3, #4 1979
Millimeter Oct. 1979
Video Watchdog #38 1997 (Elite laser review)
Guilty Pleasures #2
Heavy Metal Oct. 1978 (Excerpt from Dawn of the Dead novelization, 4 pages)
Rolling Stone March 23, 1978
Lecranfantastique #10

United Kingdom:
Fantastic Films #9, July 1979 (8 page article and Romero interview)

Maclean's July 1979

Vampir #18 Oct. 1979

StarFilx #3 March 1983 (Beautiful color layout, 12 pages)

Japan: (*indicates authored by myself)
Japan Fangoria #3, #11*
S.M.H.#4*, Oct. 1996 (2 pages)
Figure O #117*, Aug. 1997 (6 pages)


TV Programs

1979 Bob Wilkins Creature Features (Scott Reiniger as guest)
1982 Nightcap (Romero/King/Savini interviewed; some discussion on Dawn of the Dead)
1989/August Good Morning America (Dawn of the Dead clips)
1989 Son of Incredibly Strange Film Show (Romero and Savini episode)
1990/October MTV The Big Picture (set of Night of the Living Dead 90 - Dawn of the Dead clips)


Homespun Items

 : Stephen Andrews painting by artist Ronnie Sevin, jr. Painting is 9x12 and was done in oils. Has been recently sold to a private collector. Ronnie promises more to come.
 : A tattoo that resides on the arm of David "Irezumi" Standard. As a bonus, above the Poster Zombie is a tattoo of none other than Night of the Living Dead's Kyra Schon. Cool stuff!