You want me to sign what?But I wasn't in Night of the Living Dead!

Hey! It's that guy from the film!

Ken is cool. 'nuff said.

*Bitch Session Approaching*

If you can excuse my going off a bit, there's something I need to get off my chest. See, it used to be that no self-respecting convention would have an actor from Dawn of the Dead as a guest; not main stream enough, I guess. In fact, it used to be so bad that just to say something as flippant as "I like Dawn of the Dead" was enough to incur the wrath of film fan elitists everywhere.

For example: I was once shopping at Jerry Olinger's Poster Shop back in 1982 when, asking for, what else, DAWN goods, my innocent inquiry was met with an employee gang up of questions demanding why in the world I would want such items (like guys who run a movie memorabilia shop are in a position to ask such a thing in the first place). A true believer even back then, I shot back that I was in search os said itmes because I believe DOTD to be the greatest film of all time. I was then submitted to rolled up eyes, smug chuckles, and an even more intense grilling.

"Oh, really? Is it better than Gone with the Wind?"

"Better than The Wizard of Oz?"

It was a sickening display of the hell DOTD fans used to have to endure.

As for those guys, I'm proud to report that I stuck to my guns and told them where they could stick theirs!
Anyway! Now that DOTD has finally been recognized as a bona fide classic, the actors have been busying themselves with the convention rounds. These photos of Ken Foree are several years old (taken by Robert Marshall) and were snapped at a con in New York City.